Ultimate Snatch Kit bundle

Ultimate Snatch Kit bundle

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The ULTIMATE Snatch kit package!!! 

We have created the perfect snapback work me out package. It includes all of our best sellers that will get you snatched.

Work me out daily routine:

  1. Apply Waist Gang Super Intense Smoothing Serum and or cellulite Cream on stomach, legs and arms area.
  2. Massage in a circular motion with our Waist Gang Super Intense Smoothing Serum beaded top. 
  3. Apply Slimming Wrap to midsection, Arms and Legs
  4. Put your 2&1 Sweat Belt on and begin your day!




Our best selling Waist Gang Super


This Gel helps eliminate accumulated fat, increases skin oxygenation and stimulates circulation. Can be applied anywhere you want to lose inches! We are also including our Slimming Wrap that you can apply after the gel and before the Sweat Belt to maximize results!  Our new packaging includes a top that has stainless steel massage beads that help break down your fat/cellulite accumulation. The best part is that its handheld, SO you can use it BEFORE you begin waist training!

Our 2 & 1 Sweat Belt

Perfectly aggressive and comfortable. NO zippers, NO clips, NO rolls or flips! Easy to put on and stay on. Comes in three fun prints-Comic, Python, and Cheetah.


**Disclaimer: Best results with diet and exercise**

Intense Smoothing Serum (with wrap)